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West Chester Area School District Superintendent Dr. Jim Scanlon is urging parents, staff and community members to contact their state representatives to oppose PA House Bill 1213 that enables significant property tax reductions for commercial properties. In a letter dated May 18, Scanlon said the bill jeopardizes funding for school districts. He wrote: “the impact on our school district’s revenue is significant. If this bill passes, the West Chester Area School District could potentially lose more than $8 million in tax revenue from commercial properties next year alone.” Scanlon further wrote that such a loss would mean cuts to programs and services, higher taxes for homeowners, and possibly prevent the district’s ability to complete renovations to its elementary schools. House Bill 1213 is sponsored by Representative Warren Kampf. The bill, if passed, would not allow school districts to appeal an assessed value of a commercial property when it is sold at a much higher value. For a list of legislators, go to: http://home.wcasd.net/files/_cFCFe_/c89ca51fed120e7a3745a49013852ec4/Contact_your_local_representatives.pdf