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Chester County Democratic Committee vice chairperson Lani Frank announced her candidacy Monday for the group’s top position. Frank says that she has devoted 18 years to building the Chester County Democratic Party to where it is today and is endorsed by more than 50 current and former Democrats, including current Committee people, zone leaders and others in the county and around the state. Of those, Frank says she is endorsed by current Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, and West Chester Mayor Dianne Herrin and Downingtown Mayor Josh Maxwell. Frank said in a written statement: “My view of successful leadership is to inspire others to do their best towards a common goal while holding people, including myself, accountable.” Frank also announced that she is running alongside her friend and colleague Bill Phifer, who is the committee’s current Communications Chair. Joining the Frank/Phifer ticket is Nicholas (Nick) Allen, current Committee person in West Chester. Allen is a middle school math teacher with experience in communications and social media. Current Chester County Committee Treasurer Lisa Longo is running independently from the ticket, but as the incumbent Treasurer says that she is also supporting the Frank-Phifer-Allen team.