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According to an article in the Daily Local News, 64-year-old Joaquin Ayllon Cordova, a mushroom farm worker from the Kennett Square area, recently fulfilled his lifelong dream of being an American citizen. The 64-year-old became a legal U.S. citizen last month. Despite being terminally ill with advanced stage cancer, an Immigration Services Officer was able to ask Cordova the citizenship questions at Jennersville Hospital. Elaine Marnell, the Director of Labor Relations at the South Mill Kaolin Mushroom Farm where Cordova worked said that Cordova could only answer the questions by mouthing them because he couldn’t talk anymore and that it was “quite something to see.” Cordova, who is originally from Mexico, was recently transferred to a hospice nursing facility in West Chester. He says he now wants his children to become U.S. citizens.