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Last Monday, Rep. Ryan Costello, along with fellow Republican House member Rep. Carlos Cabello, of Florida, visited Colombia to see the country’s new president sworn in, Ivan Duque. Sources say Costello was there to talk with Duque about illegal coca production. Last week Costello’s office in Chester County was being readied for closure, as the congressman plans to retire at the end of his term with only his Washington, D.C., and Wyomissing, Berks County, offices remaining open. He answered a Daily Local News reporter’s questions about some of the recent hot-button issues, including Russian meddling, the idea Fake news and the ongoing separation of children from their parents at the U.S. Mexican border. Costello was quoted as saying: “I’ll just keep voting for what I think we should do, and I’ll be more outspoken in what I think the challenges to my party are.” He told the paper that he is “philosophically” a Republican, and believes in the principles of the Republican Party. Concerning Russian meddling Costello told the DLN: “It’s very interesting how much Russia is interfering in elections in Bosnia, Italy. I met with some folks in Germany who are very concerned about Russia’s ability to upset the NATO alliance.” Concerning fake news, Costello said: “I do think this is not going to end well for our democracy if we start not trusting (the media). There has to be some sources that are the standard-bearer.” Finally, concerning children being separated from their families at the border, he said that a lack of diligence associated with the zero tolerance policy was to blame. “The fact that you have hundreds of children and parents separated and then have no data to get them back to one another, that story is not going away.” Here is the entire Daily Local News story.