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In yet what appears to be another blow to West Goshen Township, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has denied the township’s petition for an emergency injunction to halt Sunoco’s construction of a valve station and drilling along the Mariner 2 East pipeline.  Last week, West Goshen Township’s attorneys filed that injunction, saying construction of a pipeline valve station near the intersection of Greenhill and Boot Roads is a violation on the part of a settlement agreement between Sunoco Logistics and West Goshen Township. The township is disputing the location of that valve station on the east side of Route 202, as Sunoco is planning, saying it contradicts Sunoco’s previous agreement of construction on the west side of 202, next to other Sunoco facilities. Furthermore, the Township also stated in that petition that Sunoco Logisitcs “has not demonstrated even the slightest regard for coordination with Township officials regarding construction scheduling, road closures, and other related construction activities.” The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has ratified a letter denying West Goshen’s petition and has chosen not to intervene in the matter until a hearing takes place this week. Administrative Law Judge Elizabeth Barnes has scheduled that hearing for Tuesday, July 18 in Harrisburg.