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World's Finest Show
The pendulum has swung and nerds are kings! Comic books, video games and Star (Wars/Trek/Gate) are more popular than ever!

Every Friday, Tyler Daniels, Raya Washington and Kyle Hudson dive into nerd culture’s infinite caverns in search for golden nuggets of awesomeness.

Tyler Daniels, Host, is from Unionville, PA and West Chester University Graduate. He teaches Communication Studies at Delaware Community College and enjoys his job very much. His main passions are DC comics and B-movies, the cheesier the better. Sharknado, anyone?

Raya Washington is a Philly native and a student at Temple University where she studies communications with a minor in sociology. She was geek before it was chic. When she was younger she wrote X-Files fan fiction (she was a shipper) and is still in an endless pursuit to prove we are not alone in the universe. “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE”!

Kyle Hudson, Producer/Host, is from Cranford, NJ and Full Sail University Graduate. He is an independent filmmaker and runs the Chester County Time Machine with the Chester County Historical Society. He is a passionate Trekkie, Marvel comic fan, and can’t stand B-movies.