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Reconstruction with Steve Singer
A mix of contemporary and classic music… all styles but no rap.

Believe it or not, Steve Singer has been at WCHE for over 20 years! His first radio job was in Thurmont, Maryland at WTHU where he held down the evening weekday airshift and played lots of Country Music. Thurmont is near Camp David where the President’s retreat is. Steve was also Station Manager of his College Station, WWEC at Elizabethtown College, and wrote a music column for the Campus Paper.

In addition to WCHE, Steve works (currently for the past 20 years) the club scene as Disc Jockey/Mixer at suburban and city venues and clubs such as Shadows, Shampoo, and Maui. The club jobs got Steve involved with FM Radio stations where he played live dance music (from the clubs) on radio stations like WMMR, Y100, and MAX (before it was MIX, now called WIRED).

Steve has been lucky to make a living at playing music for happy feet and ears. And you can hear him live every Saturday on WCHE!