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Perspectives on Parenting
Julia Sherwin has had a passion for journalism since she was a child growing up in southern New Jersey. She won her school’s essay contest in the fifth grade, and that’s where her love of the written word began. Little did she know that broadcasting was going to become something she loves even more!

A mom of three, Julia writes a bi-weekly parenting column for the Daily Local News and Philly2Philly.com. She knows parenting is the hardest job in the world, but that with the right perspectives and some serious common sense, it can be one the most rewarding journeys in life.

Julia’s guests bring practical, real-world advice for parents, whether they’re parenting infants, toddlers or teens. She’s written about a wide variety of issues, from feeding struggles, discipline, educational concerns, extra-curricular activities, bullying, and social media’s effects on children.

Julia has a B.A. in Communication from Rutgers University and an M.J. from Temple University.

You can join her online conversations at www.facebook.com/perspectiveonparenting
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