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Libby's Luncheonette
Sit anywhere you like – that booth by the window or a seat at the counter, Mondays from 12:15 to 1:00 Libby’s Luncheonette is open and serving up local sustainability from farm to plate.

Your host, Libby Mills has home cooked conversations, eats and tips that focus on our local food system and how sustainable choices can positively affect our personal, community and ecological health and well-being.

You’ll always run into friends and neighbors as well as the local who’s who.  Call in any time.

On the menu, you’ll always find:

  • Counter Talk:  Sit down to a hot cup of conversation to discuss a slice of local pie with a local food maker, shaker or decision-maker.
  • Green Light Special:  Green lights men “E-GO” with eco-good practices and products having to do with the food system, specifically – economy (healthy commerce in the community or economizing in the home), ecology and each other.
  • Sustainable Soup:  Something different everyday, sustainable soup stirs up the history, culture, family traditions and stories that gives food meaning in each of our lives.
  • Loco-for-local:  Local, seasonal and unique to our area, learn what’s happening and edible today.
  • Bulletin Board and Comment Cards: Local news, comments and announcement from you. Plus, previews of upcoming programing and events.
  • Local-icious Kitchen: Learn how farmers, restaurateurs, local chefs and Libbyselect, store, prepare, present and appreciate foods they share with family, friends, and guests for the ultimate scrum-nutra-licious affect.
  • Wrap It Up to Go:  A quick wrap-up of bits and tips from the program, in case you missed it.

Libby Mills, MS, RD, LDN is a dynamic, nationally recognized registered dietitian who engages, entertains and inspires through her cooking, teaching, speaking and writing.

She regularly helps people translate health recommendations into practices that fit their unique needs.

Renowned for her ability to connect with everyday people, Libby combines her energy, wit and creativity to bring food, nutrition and health alive.

Facilitating sustainable health choices, Libby creates flavorful, sensory appealing food experiences, captures the imagination with history, culture, and purpose, adds new value by exploring social issues, celebrates personalized solutions and connects communities.

She is regularly published and quoted in such magazines as Cooking Light, Today’s Dietitian, Oxygen, Woman’s Day, Ms. Fitness, Body Sense, Experienced Life Magazine, Selling Power, New England Corporate Events, Association Management and Business Today.

She can be reached at (215) 327-8080 or email her at Libby@professional-living.com.