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Donna Saul

Join Donna Saul and her co-hosts for a program where the focus is on you! This program covers topics from health, holistic practices, astrology, predictions and  trends, movies and local news, and so much more. Enjoy this fun, upbeat show, and see the world through an entertaining, meaningful Fresh Perspective.



    • A variety of interesting guests talking topics related to our theme of the week, and more.


    • Every Monday Shaman, Seer and Master Teacher Eagle Skyfire takes the co-host seat and shares “The Flow of the River” how the energetic flow of life will affect us for the coming week. Spiritual? Not spiritual? Doesn’t matter! This affects each of us so hear how to master this flow!


    • “It’s in Your Design” —Human Design is a transformative tool that teaches you how to live in alignment with your true nature, your true purpose, and your destiny. Donna Saul talks how your design impacts how you move with life’s changes, how best to make the hard decisions and more!


    • “Cool America” talks about all of the wonderful, unique and sometimes weird places you can travel to in our beautiful country.


    • “Your Sixty Second Soapbox” where you, the listener, can voice your opinion, respectfully we trust!


    • Movie Reviews by our mascots Zack and Zoe, if they can take their faces out of that hay!


All this and so much more on this ever-changing program designed for you! Comments, questions and suggestions welcome each and every show— 610.701.9243! Or message us on social media at Fresh Perspective! Look for the red and black WCHE 1520 AM logo! And thanks for listening!

Eagle Skyfire

Eagle Skyfire

Zack & Zoe

Zack & Zoe