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State Senator Andy Dinniman announced Wednesday that two Chester County organizations – the Crime Victims Center of Chester County and the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County – will receive nearly $1.8 million in total funding to support important services for victims of crime. The funding was approved by the Pennsylvania Commission of Crime and Delinquency and comes through the federal Victims of Crime Act.  All states receive VOCA funds to help support local victim assistance and compensation programs. In Pennsylvania, they are distributed through a special PCCD committee. VOCA funds may only be used to provide direct services to crime victims. The services must respond to the emotional, psychological, or physical needs of crime victims, assist victims in stabilizing their lives after victimization, assist victims in understanding and participating in the criminal and juvenile justice process, or restoring a measure of security and safety for the crime victims.

The funding is as follows:

  • $276,002 for CVCCC for response to victim needs.
  • $333,750 for CVCCC for access to underserved victims.
  • $337,399 for DVCCC to help stabilize victim lives after abuse.
  • $851,517 for DVCCC to ensure victims have access to service.