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Kennett Township Supervisors last week informed township residents by letter about suspicious transactions discovered in township bank accounts. The letter stated: “The Board of Supervisors pledged to you to have an open and transparent government. In keeping with that pledge, we are writing today to inform you about a serious situation.” Residents were told the Fraud Department of the township’s bank identified the suspicious transactions and informed the township on April 25, 2019. The Supervisors carefully reviewed the findings with the bank, legal and law enforcement representatives and immediately referred the matter to the Chester County District Attorney’s Office. Also, steps were taken to make sure no further unauthorized transactions take place. The amount of money involved is still under investigation, but officials say the amount of the transactions in question are expected to be within township insurance policy coverages if a determination is made that the funds were improperly withdrawn from the accounts.  The Supervisors promised to keep residents fully informed within guidelines provided by counsel, and Supervisor Chair Scudder Stevens said that Supervisors and staff of Kennett Township are fully cooperating with the investigation. WCHE will continue to update listeners on this story as more information is received.