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An historic property in West Whiteland Township may be re-purposed for modern-day use. The builder Wolfson Group is planning on restoring the property, located near Commerce Drive at Main Street at Exton. The house was wrapped in protective tarps nearly 15 years ago and has been deteriorating since. The 1840s, 26-room mansion, known as the Richard Ashbridge House, may now become a community center according to a report in The Daily Local News. The house had not been occupied since approximately 1950. According to historians, a Welsh Quaker named Richard Thomas built a cottage at the site, making him the first European to settle in the Exton area. West Whiteland Township has not yet awarded final approval for the apartment project. The property is zoned TC or Town Center. The property in which it sits was once known as Indian Run Farm. The Ashbridge house features a two-story porch, columns, antique marble mantels and other uniquely historic features. According to a township official, if plans proceed as expected, construction of the apartments could begin as early as this summer.