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Last week, Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced in an audit report that former Coatesville Area School District Richard Como gave himself three consecutive and excessive unauthorized salary increases totaling more than $54,500.  Como was found guilty by a jury in January on multiple counts of theft and conflict of interest. The six-page verdict slip listed 20 counts of theft and ethics law violations. Those charges came in the wake of a scandal involving racially tinged emails and text messages exchanged between Como and the district’s former athletic director, Jim Donato, that were uncovered in the summer of 2013. The school board at the time allowed Como and Donato to retire and resign rather than face disciplinary action, even though members knew of the nature of the text messages.  Donato pleaded guilty to theft charges in 2016 and was sentenced by Gavin to two months in prison.  He is currently on probation. Prosecutors argued that Como abused his position of authority to steal thousands of dollars, have his son hired into a lucrative job he was not qualified for, bill the taxpayers for his personal interest in sports, and dispose of a generator that was useless to him.