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According to District Attorney Tom Hogana gun shop was burglarized this morning in East Whiteland Township. Hogan said that good and quick response by East Whiteland Police, as well as neighboring police departments, and Chester County’s SWAT teams helped to bring both suspects into police custody. Hogan said as of late Tuesday morning that there was no danger to the public. According to reports, just after 5 a.m. Tuesday morning two men broke through the glass door of the Chester County Outdoors gun shop on Lancaster Avenue. East Whiteland Township Police Chief Chris Yeager said once the suspects broke into the gun shop the alarm went off, but  the alarm system company never contacted police, so there was no immediate response by officers. However, a Malvern Police officer noticed the suspects crossing Lancaster Avenue, dressed in all black and carrying long guns. One of those suspects was captured in the parking lot of the General Warren Inn, while the other ran down the tracks. That suspect’s flee caused neighboring Great Valley School District to be cautious and keep students inside during recess. That second suspect was eventually caught by Chester County’s SWAT Team in a neighborhood in Malvern Borough, shortly before 11 a.m.