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Environmental Hearing Board Judge Bernard Labuskes Jr. signed a settlement agreement Wednesday that Sunoco Pipeline, environmental groups and regulators agreed upon Tuesday evening that will allow drilling to continue along the Mariner 2 East pipeline.¬† Sunoco has agreed to re-evaluate the drilling plans for 47 high-risk sites, which will then need to be approved by the Department of Environmental Protection. In the wake of close to 30 residences’ wells being tainted in West Whiteland Township last month as a result of Sunoco’s drilling activities, the company says it will send plans to homeowners who have private wells near the drilling areas and offer opportunities to have their water tested. State Sen. Andrew Dinniman told the Philadelphia Inquirer the settlement has all of the stipulations he requested.¬†Labuskes kept a temporary ban on 39 drilling operations until the board reviews the settlement. Drilling along all 55 locations in the Commonwealth had been halted by the judge on July 25.