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On Thursday afternoon, May 11, Dr. Zachary Ruff, Dean of Student Life and Academics at the Downingtown STEM Academy, tendered his resignation to the Downingtown Area School District Board of Directors. Ruff was at the center of a controversy surrounding comments he made to abortion protesters outside┬áthe school’s campus last month. His comments–specifically when he told the protesters to “go to hell” –were viewed by thousands after they were captured on video and posted to YouTube. Ruff was then placed on administrative leave and was required to attend a hearing May 5, in which the District’s solicitor reviewed and discussed the confrontation between Ruff and those protesters, identified as Connor and Laura Haines. Many in the district and beyond expressed their views in support of Ruff and also denouncing his actions. The letter issued Thursday afternoon by the school district stated: “After considering this situation in total, its divisive impact on the community, the reaction from his students, and the attention this situation has garnered nationally, it is clear to us that Dr. Ruff decided that the best thing for his students, the School District, and the community was to resign from employment.”