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The Philadelphia Inquirer has reported that St. Joseph’s Church pastor Monsignor Joseph McLoone has resigned. According to the report, the Downingtown church’s parishoners were told at Sunday’s services that McLoone had resigned after being placed on administrative leave by the Philadelphia Archdiocese.  Several months ago, an investigation into McLoone’s alleged financial improprieties began. He was said to have had inappropriate “relationships with adults” that violated archdiocesan standards, which included McLoone setting up a bank account in the church’s name in 2011, which only he could access and in which more than $110,000 was funneled. Some of the expenses, say church officials, were not used for parish expenses. In February, the Archdiocese froze that account. According to a spokesperson for the Archdiocese, Ken Gavin, McLoone told archdiocesan officials that he spent approximately $1,500 on “personal expenses of an inappropriate nature.” The statement from Gavin, which was quoted by the Philadelphia Inquirer, said that: “those expenses were related to relationships with adults that represent a violation of The Standards of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries established by the archdiocese.” McLoone, who has not been arrested for any crime, came to the parish in 2011 to replace Monsignor William Lynn who was the first church administrator in the country charged with ignoring or covering up pedophile priests. Lynn was convicted in 2012, and his conviction was overturned in 2015.