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State Senator Andy Dinniman said Wednesday that he would appeal the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP’s) denial of his Right-to-Know Request to obtain a list of private groundwater wells located near the path of Sunoco Pipeline’s Mariner East II project in Chester County. Dinniman filed the request with the DEP’s Open Records Officer on September 5 and has never received a response, meaning it was denied. Today, he filed an appeal directly with Erik Arneson, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Department of Open Records. A decision on that appeal is expected within 15 business days. Dinniman said: “While DEP continues to drag its feet on releasing what amounts to public information anyway, residents and homeowners in Chester County and throughout the Commonwealth continue to have their health, water, and property rights potentially threatened by this and other pipeline drilling projects.” In appealing the denial, Dinniman wrote that the DEP’s decision amounted to “a dangerous position for a state department to take” and argued that “to withhold this information from the public only discourages future projects from ensuring information submitted to Commonwealth agencies is accurate and demonstrates that state departments will side with the companies when mistakes are made.” The request, filed with the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, called for the department to provide its “list of private groundwater wells in Chester County identified by Sunoco Pipeline L.P. within 450 feet of all horizontal directional drilling alignments. This includes parcels that would be adjacent to, but not directly crossed by the Pennsylvania Pipeline Project and referenced in the revised Water Supply Assessment, Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency Plan.