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In the wake of the fourth suicide that has hit the Downingtown Area School District community in the past 11 months, school officials and parents met Wednesday night to talk about mental health. A student posted a Change.org petition online in the wake of the most recent suicide, earlier this week. At Wednesday’s school board meeting Downingtown Area School District Superintendent Emilie Lonardi announced there would be strategies to address the crisis, including changes made to the curriculum to focus greater attention to mental health for the middle school students, in grades 6th through 8th. Lonardi was quoted by the Daily Local News as saying: “We care tremendously about this issue. When I think about it, it makes me very emotional.” The school district has counselors throughout its 16 schools, and they are available to students following such tragedies. The petition, which garnered 7,500 signatures, was circulated to ensure the issue gets better attention from the administration so students can be educated properly about mental health.