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The Chester County Commissioners announced Wednesday that they have filed a civil lawsuit against Sunoco Pipeline LP regarding the Mariner East pipeline project. Commissioners Michelle Kichline, Kathi Cozzone and Terence Farrell say they are seeking a permanent injunction against Sunoco relating to the company’s “disregard of the language of supplemental permanent easements located on County-owned property in West Whiteland Township.” The civil lawsuit formally requests that the court issue that injunction prohibiting Sunoco from constructing the Mariner 2 pipelines on permanent easements located on the Chester County Library and Chester Valley Trail properties. Specifically, the lawsuit notes Sunoco’s intent to undertake “open trench” construction for Mariner 2 on the Chester County Library property without County permission and in the absence of any temporary construction easement. Last Friday, April 5, 2019, Sunoco informed the County that it would begin construction of the Mariner 2 pipelines on the Chester County Library Property, via traditional open trench method. Commissioner Vice-Chair Kathi Cozzone further noted that the Commissioners “believe that Sunoco will be unable to construct the Mariner 2 pipeline on the County Library property within the existing 50-foot right of way and in a manner which ensures public safety and welfare.